From initial engineering to final commissioning, Dar Al Ahmadi has the people and experience to successfully complete construction projects, with a commitment to quality, efficiency and providing values.O&G Services include but not limited: Design, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and fabrication & insulation works, pre commissioning; and commissioning To ensure coordination and timeliness in execution, activities are carried out by two closely joint operating units; one unit performs mechanical, electrical and instrumentation activities, while another performs civil works. 

The Equipment Division supplies the required construction equipment; and other departments provide materials management, quality control and additional services to ensure health, safety and environmental matters are properly addressed.


Temporary spikes in demand for engineering resources — and the need to control project and/or salary costs — usually drive the need for engineering outsourcing. Dar Al Ahmadi can address both by delivering your project on time and on budget.

Equally valuable is the opportunity to access our problem-solving experience. Whether it's getting it right from the start, solving an urgent problem or meeting a looming deadline, Dar Al Ahmadi has the resources, organization and innovative thinking to support your technology outsourcing needs.

When you outsource an engineering job or project to Dar Al Ahmadi, you will have direct access to your engineer or engineering team leader. This fast, direct-access takes full advantage of the power of communication in effective teamwork and problem solving.